Your brand is sweet. It’s stylish. It’s social.

Inspiration is unavoidable. We are often inspired by the spirit, drive or focus we see in others. Inspiration can come from shared thoughts and ideas. It can come from artistic or inventive works, or from the beauty we see around us everyday.

Being inspired often leads us down the path to our own creative processes. Ideas ignite. But what do we do with our ideas? Do we fan the flames, materialize them, and confidently endeavor to share our vision with the world? Or will time, inexperience and lack of focus eventually put out the fire?

Make Boring Creative offers strategic marketing, brand styling expertise, and entrepreneurship coaching. We assist fledgling business owners, amateur to pro, throughout all phrases of their product or project. Our goals are to handle your project with care, deliver it in style, and maximize your opportunity for success. How do we do this? By rising above meritocracy, and stylizing your project so it soars above the crowd. We fine tune the concepts and persona of your vision, transforming it into work that is matchless.

My name is Linda, and ideas are my passion. Welcome to Make Boring Creative.